Hello, wild babe + welcome to Die Vibrant!

You're here because you're blooming. You're seeking more magic. You desire more abundance + connection to nature. You can do all of this through the power of plants.


You are here because you want to reawaken your true nature and tap back into Mother Earth. You want to come home to yourself in this busy world. You want to cultivate your wild, natural self by connecting more deeply with plants everywhere you can. 

You believe plants are medicine and that we are creative alchemists waiting to be uncovered.

Whether you just started your plant-powered journey or have been exploring it for awhile, you know you want to heal yourself from the inside out. You want to integrate good vibes + plants into your life in every area you possibly can, making room for more nature + less chemicals. You want to learn how to make your own DIY products while supporting small-businesses around the world who craft impressive, effective + beautiful products. You want to do it in a simple + effective way, too. 

Most of all, you want to fill up your well, keep life simple, and use plants to reawaken your spirit.

Your journey awaits you, my friend.

Throughout the blog, you will discover tools to help you live a more simple, intentional life. I am always researching ways to uncover the magic of plants: natural remedies, herbs, natural body + makeup products + more.

When you infuse your life with more natural products + rituals, you connect more deeply with yourself. You tap into the magic of nature, which you are made from. Infusing more plants into your life means more connection with nature + a deeper connection with a community of likeminded wild ones, too. 

To nurture your blooming, begin here:

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