The Perfect Plant-Powered Love Gift Guide

This time of year is all about love. But, if you're anything like us at Die Vibrant, you like nothing less than trying new body care products and illuminating your wild self with the power of plants any time of the year.

It's no secret to us that plants have an inherent magic quality about them: Not only do they provide medicine + inspiration, but they also contribute to a deeper meaning in our lives + inspire a deeper connection with our true selves. 

And, although Valentine's Day is just around the corner, wild one, there's never a time to not infuse self-love into your lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite plant-powered products to help you fill up your life - or a lady friend's - with a bit more love, fulfillment + satisfaction.

Face Fuel.

Using different lotion for your body + for your face is necessary: Your face needs more deep moisturizing with less chemicals. Have you ever tried to use a regular body lotion on your face? Ew. It just doesn't work. 

Instead, swap out your regular face lotion for this nourishing, age-defying blend of avo butter, shea butter, coco oil, evening primrose oil, and lotus leaf extract. This moisturizer is an act of pure self-love. Show yourself some love and stock up on this plant-powered moisturizer and see fine lines soften and your skin clear up.

Face Fuel from Lavender Lotus

Read our review of The Lavender Lotus' products, including Face Fuel. 

Seaweed & Rose Herbal Face Mask.

If you haven't tried an herbal face mask yet, you're in for a treat! We love doing a face mask weekly to draw out toxins in the skin and create an environment for the face to truly glow. 

This Seaweed & Rose Herbal Face Mask from Lala Earth is the perfect combination of bentonite clay, french green clay, activated charcoal, seaweed, and ground rose petals for cleansing and purifying your beautiful mug. 

Use weekly or biweekly for a deep penetrating cleanse + detox for your beautiful face.

Seaweed & Rose Herbal Face Mask from Lala Earth

Lady Magic Full Moon Mist.

With a light scent of patchouli, lavender + rosemary and other herbal + gem allies, this thing is seriously magical. The lavender is calming and balances nicely with the patchouli + rosemary, both of which can sometimes be overpowering.

Although we looove the prowess energy the Full Moon mist conjures, you can use the full Lady Magic Mist set for every phase of the moon. These Lady Magic mists are also meant to help you with aligning your moon cycle with the natural rhythms of the moon. We always recommend vibing with whatever calls to you.

To use, mist on your body, in your hair, and in your environment and you're bound to conjure the energy of the full moon in your life. 

Lady Magic Full Moon Mist
Lady Magic New Moon Mist
Lady Magic Waning Moon Mist 
Lady Magic Waxing Moon Mist

Infinite Love Elixir.

Who doesn't need a little flower power in their lives? The Infinite Love Elixir is a flower essence that helps you with loving yourself - and others - unconditionally. Flower essences work very gently to integrate your mind, body, and spirit, bringing the spirit of the flower into your own life.

Infinite Love Elixir from Lotus Wei.

Organic Love Tea.

There's nothing more grounding + nourishing than enjoying a cup of tea. Choosing your herbs + flowers for your tea is a special moment, connecting you with the intricacies + energy of the natural world. Different herbs + flowers call for different energies and healing.

When you're in tune with what your body needs, you can give it exactly that and teas are a simple way to do this. Is there anything better than carving out a space for yourself in the midst of a busy day, grounding you in nourishing + calming energy of the tea in front of you?

Whether you're enjoying it alone or sharing it with a friend or lover, this lovely rose tea is illuminating, calming, and cooling.

Organic Love Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs

DIY Love Massage Oil.

We love DIYing plant-powered body care and Mountain Rose Herbs makes it super easy to learn the power of plants, while keeping your personal care items organic, safe + natural. Massage oils can help with working out any kinks + pain while also being used for sexy time.

Regardless, touch is extremely healing and using massage oils can increase your satisfaction + contentment whether you're alone or with someone else.

For a simple DIY Love Massage Oil, we recommend a base of 8 oz avocado oil or jojoba oil and a combo of Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Vetiver essential oils.

For a step-by-step guide, read Mountain Rose Herbs guide to easy massage oils.

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.

Is there nothing more loving than being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones with the power of mother nature? This is a perfect book for you if you're beginning your journey to plant-powered living.

This book provides you with the tools needed to start infusing your life with more plant medicine. What is a better way to show yourself self-love than by choosing vibrant health + empowering yourself?

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: Mountain Rose Herbs

Although Valentine's Day is fast approaching, remember that self-love is every single day of the year. Honor your plant-powered journey with a face mask, massage oil, or a book to teach you everything there is to know about herbal + plant medicine.

Which one of these products looks loveliest to you? Leave a comment below.