Product Review: Luxury Plant-Powered Body Care From The Lavender Lotus

High quality, powerful, clean plant-powered products are exactly how I would describe The Lavender Lotus' body care line. Powerful, intuitive, and creative: they easily invoke our wild, natural selves to shine. In my interview with the beautiful Jenn, it's clear that creating products with integrity + intuition is important to her.

I was excited that Jenn ended up sending me a box full of her products to try before I headed off to SE Asia + Australia for 5 weeks. To say I was impressed by her products is an understatement. No. Instead, I was excited to infuse some self-care + luxury plant-powered body care into my life.

With prepping for my 5-week trip to SE Asia + Australia, I found myself a bit ungrounded. I hadn't traveled internationally in a minute and I really needed some self-love. Fortunately, this is exactly what Jenn sent: a rose face soap, Face Fuel, lavender room spray, lip balm, luxury bath salts + dried petals. I used all these products to create a lovely self-care evening for myself.

Let's dig into my impressions of the Lavender Lotus products and how I used them. 

The Products

First, let me state that I was impressed by the superior quality of Jenn's products. I think most of us know how to make our own DIY plant-powered products in our home, but Jenn's products took it to a whole new level. Here's a little bit about the products themselves.

Rose Facial Soap

I absolutely loved the rose facial soap. I have an obsession with rose right now: I think it's exactly the medicine I need in my life to infuse more love, rooting, and blooming where it's needed. The rose bud in the middle of the soap is a delightful touch. 

The rose facial soap smells divine and lathers up if you want to create a face mask. It bubbles up just enough to get what you need for a mask or you can simply use it as a regular exfoliator. I put a layer of the soap on my face and neck. Because it's made with French clay, it's also perfect for detoxing your skin and removing any impurities. Yay! The one thing I would recommend is starting with just a little bit if you decide to do a mask as French clay can be a little irritating to your skin if left too long. Once you're done exfoliating and cleansing, expect a hydrated, clean complexion :)

Lotus Soak

Filled with rose petals, chamomile, marigold, epsom salt and other petals + plants, this is really an awe-worthy bath soak. I loved seeing the petals float around in the tub: something about it feels so magical and luxurious! 

Lavender Linen Spray

The lavender linen spray is perfect for perking up your room + sheets. There is something so powerful about your personal space smelling so delicious. Plus, according to Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, lavender is a well known anti-bacterial + anti-fungal while providing a well-known anti-depressant. Definitely a win. 

Face Fuel 

This face cream is perfect. I used to be someone who'd just use coconut oil for moisturizer, but after using Face Fuel I don't know why I would go back to coconut oil (I love you coco oil, please don't judge!). It's just that there's something about a face cream that not only seeps into your skin, moisturizing every bit of it, yet it doesn't leave that gross greasy feeling or stain anything you own.

I ended up bringing Face Fuel with me in SE Asia + Australia and used it every single day. I've been using the Face Fuel for over two months and I still have over half the jar left. I could see how this could easily last longer if you decided to not use it every single day or only apply it in certain areas of your face. I'm a fan and highly recommend Face Fuel. 


I've tried lots of hand-produced plant products, including my own, but there was something about Jenn's products that emanated power, clarity, beauty, and professionalism. Although I don't discredit those of us who make our own DIY products (they are much better than buying chemical-laden products from the store!), there was just such love put into Jenn's products. From the quality to the packaging + labels, you really could feel it which adds to the positive experience. 

If you are looking to transform your self-care or body care routine but don't want to make your own products, The Lavender Lotus products are a wonderful place to start. And, even if you do enjoy making your own body care products like I do, there's always room for luxurious self-love in the form of plant powered products. Overall, I seriously wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from Jenn in the future: her stuff is just that good.

Begin your self-love journey with plants + visit the Lavender Lotus online store.


All product reviews are my own opinions. From experimenting countless plant-powered products over the last 7+ years, I'm always happy to try new ones + share my honest experiences with you, wild one. Have a plant-powered business + want me to review your product on the blog? Get in touch here.