Product Review: Invoking Moon Energy with Lady Magic Lunar Mists

I'm obsessed with Lady Magic. Lady Magic is a set of lunar ritual misting sprays, curated by the lovely Mrs. Fagervik of Live with Moxy and Amber Haase of Element Botanicals.

If you've been looking for a plant-powered + soulful body mist to replace your current perfume, this would be a highly recommended option.

I've been reviewing different plant-powered products and I'm super excited to include Lady Magic to the collection. Read on for my feelings on Lady Magic, how I use them, and my overall takeaway.

The Products

Lady Magic Full Moon

With patchouli, lavender, rosemary and herbal allies of nettle + calendula, and gemstones of moonstone, aventurine, and quartz, Lady Magic Full Moon is my go-to every morning whether or not it's a full moon. I love the way the mist makes me feel: Confident, fresh, and balanced.

For anyone not too keen on lavender or patchouli, they're very nicely balanced together, giving a playful freshness that isn't overpowering. On top of that, people constantly tell me I smell good (and they sniff me for another good whiff). It's that good.

Lady Magic New Moon

Lady Magic New Moon Mist feels very feminine, soft, and intuitive. It's no wonder: the blend consists of citrus and vanilla (with an undertone of black pepper!). Herbal allies in this mist are chamomile and rose while the gemstones are amethyst, tiger's eye, and quartz. Mmm. 

I have to admit this isn't my go-to: Full Moon is usually where my body + soul is drawn to. But, there are moments where I need to slow down, turn inward, and be gentle with myself. This is the perfect timing for me to embrace the New Moon Mist and what it offers.

How I use the Lady Magic Mists

There are few different ways I work with Lady Magic.

1) Intuitive daily ritual

When I talked to Kate about how to best use the mists, she said to use in whatever way calls to you. You don't have to only use Full Moon around the full moon or New Moon on the new moon. Instead, using the mists in your daily ritual can be the best way to work with the energies. 

For me, I ask myself: What am I called to? What type of energy do I have today? How do I want to feel? Asking questions is a great way to get to know yourself better and make choices that align with your power whether you're choosing what to wear or what mist to use.

2) On my body + throughout my environment

I often give myself a spritz in the morning after I take a shower and before I get ready for the rest of my day. I like to spray the mists on my wrists and near my throat + chest area. I also spray my car if I'll be in it for a bit and need to lighten up the vibes in there.

3) In detox bath rituals

Whenever I take detox baths, I'll take a mist with me to conjure specific vibes or hone in on a specific energy. 

There really is no limit to how you can infuse these mists into your life. I love them for the pure fact that they can reach a deeper level than words: aromatherapy is special like that :) These Lady Magic mists are also meant to help you with aligning your moon cycle with the natural rhythms of the moon. I always recommend vibing with whatever calls to you. 


I love the prowess energy the Full Moon mists conjures throughout most of the month for me and appreciate the more feminine, intuitive side of the New Moon mist. The blending of essential oils, herbal allies, and gemstone elixirs gives these mists a special character and energy that does not go unnoticed.

The mists also aren't too overpowering that you can't use them as an every day perfume. Because they're mists made from a balanced blend of essential oils, the scent isn't as dense as a commercial perfume. Plus, they're herbal + plant-powered, making them safer for your lifestyle and body. Win.

What's even better about these mists is that they last a looong time. I've had these mists for over 5 months and I'm only about halfway through the Full Moon mist and not even a quarter through the New Moon mist. I'm looking forward to snagging the waning + waxing moon mists in the future to complete my set.

Wanna grab your own mist? 

I wholeheartedly love the Full Moon Mist, but we know that everyone has different scents they adore and those they don't. Check out the different blends below and choose one or buy them all! If you don't know which one to buy, ask yourself: how do I want to feel? What do I need to balance? Which essential oils, herbal allies, and gemstones am I called to? Closing your eyes and bringing them to mind is a great way to tap into your moxy, too.

Lady Magic Full Moon Mist
Lady Magic New Moon Mist
Lady Magic Waning Moon Mist 
Lady Magic Waxing Moon Mist


All product reviews are my own opinions. From experimenting with and creating countless plant-powered products over the last 7+ years, I'm always happy to try new ones + share my honest experiences with you. Have a plant-powered business + want me to review your product on the blog? Get in touch here.