Home Sick With A Cold? Here Are 5 Tips To Support Your Immune System Without Resorting To Big Pharma

Our bodies are smart: smarter than our heads are, I would say!

Most of the time, if we give our body enough time to heal, it will do so on it's own. Most people resort to Big Pharma for all their ailments including the common cold, but I know you know better :) Listen to what your body needs and intuitively make choices that feel right. 

"Don't schedule your healing on the calendar."

Of course, it can take some time for your body to work through an infection of any sort. If you've got the common cold, here are 5 tips to support your immune system while you binge on Netflix (Grace and Frankie, anyone?!) without resorting to Big Pharma.

5 Tips To Support Your Immune System

1) Echinacea Tincture

The first thing I reach for when I feel a bit of a tingle in my throat is echinacea tincture. Put a few droppers full into a small amount of water a few times a day to give your immunity a quick boost. Echinacea can be purchased at a local health food store, online from Amazon, or you can create your own. I'm currently making my own tinctures with ACV and will be writing a post about how to do it, soon! 

2) ACV Tea

If you've been reading my other content, you know ACV is my miracle worker for everything (hello, Fire Cider!). After taking your echinacea tincture, try my spicy, immune boosting ACV tea that includes lemon, garlic and ginger.

3) Rest

Create space for your body to heal. If you are busy, busy, busy and stress yourself out, you create an environment for sickness to thrive. Rest enough to heal your body from the inside out and consider meditation as a way to make time for yourself every day.

4) Eat Whole Foods

Your body needs the right fuel to run and eating whole foods is the fastest way to create a happy and healthy body. Of course, you should be eating whole foods all the time, but especially when you're feeling sick. Eat pho with veggies, anything with garlic in it, and food that warms you up and helps you feel comfortable.

5) Avoid The Drugs

Truly, you don't need pharma to help you with your cold. Instead of reaching for a pill to make you feel better, make yourself some tea, put on Netflix, cover yourself up with a nice blanket and relax. If you're really feeling bad and want to take something, mince a clove of garlic and mix it with some honey. This combo is antifungal, antibacteral and antiviral. 

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