A Rehydrating Morning Ritual: Mint, Cucumber and Lemon Water

Think about it: you sleep anywhere from 5-8 hours a night. Maybe more, maybe less. While you sleep, your body goes through lots of chemical and magical transformations. Once you wake up, your body is a bit on the dehydrated side, so consider starting your morning with a ritual of lemon, mint and cucumber water! 

Being nice to your body means putting the good stuff in your body before you even think about putting something harmful in it. For example, if you drink coffee (although, I wouldn't recommend it as it increases your inner stress levels, which impacts the rest of your life...), you would want to hydrate your body and rev up your digestion, first.

If you choose to be nice to your body, your body will be nice to you. Hydrating your body returns the favor tenfold, including higher immunity from the lemon (hello, vitamin C!) and better digestion. Yum!

A Rehydrating Morning Ritual: Mint, Cucumber and Lemon Water


  • a small cucumber
  • a lemon
  • a few mint sprigs
  • filtered water
  • glass (or, mason jar, like I prefer!)


  1. Slice up the cucumber in thin slices
  2. Cut your lemon into a few pieces as you desire
  3. Grab a few mint sprigs
  4. Add the cucumber, squeeze the lemon, and add mint to your glass
  5. Finally, add the filtered water on top
  6. Enjoy :)

If you're feeling feisty, add in some organic chia seeds for additional omega-3s (yay healthy heart and cholesterol levels!)

Once you've hydrated your body, fill up with a yummy whole foods breakfast. 

How do you like to fancy-up your rehydration ritual? Leave it in the comments below.

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