7 Easy Ways To Incorporate Rose Medicine In Your Life

Are you feeling the call to the calming, feminine energy of le rose? We've been obsessed with rose medicine lately ourselves because of the heart opening and beautiful energy they bring to our lives.

There are sooo many benefits to having rose medicine around. Not only do roses help you open your heart, release grief and guilt, they can also be effective at regulating your menstrual cycle and improving fertility. On top of that, rose also helps tone your blood and kidneys, while being a sexy time aphrodisiac on top of it. Meeeow! 

If you've been noticing roses more or feel called to their medicine in any way, read on for easy ways to incorporate their medicine into your life.

Here are our 7 easy ways to invite rose medicine into your life

1) Make a rose-infused honey for balancing hormones.

Rose is can be an effective remedy for your irregular menstrual cycle. Master herbalist + wild woman Susan Weed says: 

"The growing tips of the rose canes are rich in hormone-like substances that help women with menstrual difficulties get into an easy flow, those with libido problems to feel frisky, and those who want to conceive to be more receptive." 

Susan shares her Rose Hormone RemedyFill a jar with naturally grown rose buds and leaves just before they open, then cover with honey to preserve. Take several teaspoons a day to balance your cycle.

2) Fill your space with fresh blooms.

Is there nothing more inspiring than a bouquet of fresh flowers? We probably spend waaay too much money on blooms, but oh how they inspire! 

"I must have flowers always and always." - Claude Monet

Because the cost of roses can be a bit pricey, find a bouquet that incorporates roses and other flowers that inspire you. Try separating your bouquet into a couple smaller groups, so you can spread your flowers more widely around your space. Once your flowers hint at dying, tie them together at the ends and hang. Dried flowers can be just as beautiful as fresh ones.

3) Use rose water in your DIY body care routine.

Rose water can be used to tone + rejuvenate your skin while inspiring your spirit, too. You can even make a toner using 1/2 rose water + 1/2 witch hazel, applying to your skin after you cleanse for a refreshed + clean glow. 

4) Make a calming + cooling rose tea.

Rose is naturally calming + cooling and makes a delicious tea to invigorate your senses. Is there anything better than creating the perfect tea blend just for what you need that day? You can either blend your own using rose, lavender, and vanilla or buy a pre-blended tea like Love Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs. Mmm...

5) Sprinkle rose petals in your bath.

There is something so luxurious about soaking your body while rose petals surround you. For a self-care evening, add a handful of rose petals, 1 cup of epsom salt, and 1/2 cup of green clay for extra detox properties. Don't have rose petals? Add rose water to your bath (or simply spritz it on yourself while you're in the bath) instead to connect with your heart chakra + turn up your sexy vibes.

6) Create a rose petal + green clay mask.

While you soak in your bath, why not deep cleanse your face? Grind up a few dried rose petals and add your favorite green clay. Add water to activate and spread over your face. Once it's dry, rinse off and pat dry.

7) Drink rosehip tea.

One cup of rose hips contains the same amount of Vitamin C as 144 oranges. To give your immune system a boost, make a rosehip herbal tea. Rosehips also include vitamin A which helps keep your skin nourished and supple.

The ideas for honing rose medicine into your life are endless... What flower medicine is calling to you lately?