5 Ways To Curate Your Media Consumption On Facebook + Tune Up Your Personal Power

Open. Free. Intuitive. Led from the heart. This is what life is meant to be. Despite leading our lies with love, much of our life in the modern world is influenced by marketing on Facebook, billboards, in the market, and even in our own homes from the products we buy. Is there no way we can get away from it?!

Because the world is connected more than ever and everyone creates content, it can be hard to find what matters through the noise.

Consider for a moment the amount of sponsored posts you see on a daily basis on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I'm willing to bet you see at least one sponsored post per platform every day, if not more. It's all around us, infiltrating our lifestyle, habits, and activities we partake in daily from browsing Facebook to washing the dishes. Because these social media platforms are free, we are the product and we can be sold to.

There are multiple ways to take back your power from those who are marketing to you, whether it's a business, government, or a friend posting the latest news scandal on their timeline. You do not have to subject yourself to content and information that doesn't uplift or empower you.

5 Ways To Curate Your Facebook Media + Marketing Consumption

A super small way to begin taking back your power within the world of social media is by curating the type of content you see. Through using some of these tips, you can upgrade your intuition by curating your media consumption on Facebook.

Try them all, or try a few. Either way, I can guarantee that when you start to surround yourself by the words, beliefs and positivity you desire in your own life, it's much easier for you to create that for yourself as well. Magic.

  1. Unlike / Hide posts, or Unfollow friends on Facebook you don't jive with. Perhaps you've got a friend that posts negative, hate-spewing posts, or dramatic accounts of their relationships. Not your drama, not your problem. Stake out your energetic boundaries with a quick Unlike / Hide / Unfollow.
  2. Unfriend individuals you haven't seen in years, or those you wouldn't talk with if you saw them on the street. No point of carrying around extra weight. Think of this process like a cleansing and how much better you feel when you're done.
  3. Unlike pages that spew negativity, or ones you don't jam with. Have you outgrown some of the current Facebook pages you follow? Give them an 'Unlike' and move onto #4.
  4. Go on a 'liking' spree where you find bloggers, creatives, and positive community pages you dig. Tell Facebook to show you these articles and posts first, before anything else.
  5. Use the Facebook Purity app (it's free!), which hides game requests, 'Top News' stories, friends you may know and other Facebook features of your choice. You do not need to occupy your heart with the nonsense of the celebrity world and viral stories. Focus on what brings you joy and creates happiness for you. Download the Facebook Purity extension here.

Empower Your Facebook Experience

Don't allow Facebook to dictate to you what's important. Curate your experience, so you can see what you want to see and connect with those who increase your quality of life. If someone rubs you the wrong way, it's not unkind to hide their posts - it simply means you're creating an energetic boundary that says 'No. I do not accept your negativity in my life. I choose to integrate only positivity and kindness in my world.'  And, so it is. 

Once you begin to cleanse your Facebook experience for something that positively benefits you, you begin to feel empowered, inspired and more confident every day.

Continue this process of hiding / unliking / liking pages as you use the platform as well as any other social media platform you actively use. 

No more giving your power away: you've had it all along. Eventually, you'll be able to weed through the veils and into your own personal power. Open. Free. Intuitive. Led from the heart. The way life is meant to be.

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