5 Books For New Natural Healers and Truth Seekers to Jumpstart Personal Growth

I am a perpetual seeker: I want to know about faraway lands as much as I want to learn about personal finance, spirituality, crystals, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you're here, I'm betting you feel the same way, too. Over the last 10 years, I've read countless books in self-help, personal growth, wellness, nutrition, and health. I believe in self-education.

Knowledge is power, right?

The more you know, the more you can do. And, the more you can do, the more empowered you are. With a curious heart and open mind, we can learn anything we want to. Since you're here, you're on a path to personal growth and wellness and want to jumpstart the process, too. Here are the books I recommend for your journey.

1) 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

This book changed my life. It helps you weed out what's true for you in a practical way. Deepak outlines the laws of pure potentiality, giving, karma, least effort, intention and desire, detachment, and dharma. With only a way that he can write, Deepak explains these broad concepts in ways that make sense to non-Gurus like you and me. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with relationships, health issues, and personal development. 

2) Be Your Own Doctor by Rachael Weaver

My aunt, the ultimate artist and healer, gifted me this book. It outlines the most common ailments like toothaches, flu, and digestive problems and their home remedies. This is a book I consult often. It includes many case studies to help you get a grasp for common natural remedies. 

3) Total Health the Chinese Way by Esther Ting

Esther writes in a clear and concise way, bringing ease and simplicity to Traditional Chinese Medicine in her book. She outlines the different Power Centers (Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, and Spleen) and the Royal Court (Small Intestine, Gall Bladder, Bladder, Colon, and Pericardium). You'll also find out not only what the power centers and royal court manage in your body, but also what emotions they are linked to. Finally, there is an amazing chart in the middle of the book that I refer to often that helps keep your body in balance through food. Feeling cold and damp? Eat garlic, ginger, lemon, pumpkin, barley, and squash. It makes it easy to keep your diet simple and in sync with what your body needs at any given time. I love this book!

4) The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is truly at the top of her game. What game is this? Practical spirituality. She's a teacher to thousands of people around the world, an author, a blogger, and traveler. You'd think she has it all, which make you not like her very much until you realize just how damn genuine she is. The Desire Map is an incredible workbook that helps you define your goals by how you want to feel. It's totally changed the way I approach my daily, monthly, and yearly planning. Once you figure out how you want to feel, everything falls into place.

5) Healer: The Pioneer Nutritionist and Prophet Dr. Hazel Parcells in Her Own Words at Age 106

This is the most recent natural healing and nutrition book I've read. I highly recommend it for an overview of unconventional nutrition concepts, many of which I personally live by. As I read her book, I found myself nodding in agreement to many of her ideas. After healing herself from tuberculosis with a plant-based diet of simply spinach, she realized that the pharma and hospital industry wasn't there to help her. They told her she would die in months, yet she lived to be 106, decades after her diagnosis. She went on to teach others her way of living, which many deemed as unconventional. Learning from those who walk the talk is incredibly important, especially when they live to an old and healthy age, like Hazel. I highly recommend this book!

Are there any other books that you'd add to the list? Leave 'em in a comment below. 

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