3 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Body Every Day

I've had countless conversations with loved ones, friends, and readers about how to connect with their body every day. For most people with day jobs, school, and raising a family, there doesn't seem like there's enough time in the day to do everything we need to for ourselves. If anything, connecting with your body every day is something super simple and can be tapped into at any time of day.

If you pay attention, our bodies are always communicating with us. I have this curious belief that our bodies may be smarter than we are. They always provide feedback through symptoms, feelings, and emotions. Often times, our body is way ahead of our mind, providing valuable insights into our emotional wellbeing, our mindfulness and our nutrition. Here are my 3 suggestions about how to connect with your body every day. 

3 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Body Every Day

http://www.dievibrant.com/blog/ginger-berry-oat-smoothiehttp://www.dievibrant.com/blog/ginger-berry-oat-smoothieThe conversations with my friends and loved ones are the inspiration for these 3 ways to connect with your body every day. Each of these steps I discuss with them about how to begin their intuitive journey through their body.  

1) Pay Attention To Symptoms

With every symptom you experience, your body is telling you something it needs. Your job is to listen (and wisen) up to what you can do to provide the necessary nutrients and lifestyle changes to heal those symptoms every day. 

What is your body trying to tell you? How is your body responding to what you are doing to it? Do you feel relaxed, supple, flexible, and excited every day? Or, are you in pain, struggling to stand up straight, or experiencing gut discomfort? Your body is always giving you clues.

Pay attention and make choices that make a positive impact in your home, body, and mind. Walking within everyday awareness is the first step in healing you body from the inside out.

2) Notice How Food Makes You Feel

A long time ago, I heard someone say that there is always an answer to a symptom. If you have headaches a lot, there may be a magnesium deficiency or you may be allergic to something you ate. Our bodies communicate with us is by responding to what we consume.

One way to connect with your body is by noticing symptoms, feelings, and emotions when you eat. Do you tend to feel less full when eating only plant-based, like me? Do you get the 'bubble guts' as we like to say in my house after eating less-than-nutritious food? Do you get diarrhea after eating particular foods?

You'll want to pay attention to how your body responds to what you're consuming. You may start to find patterns in which you may be able to heal your body naturally. If it helps, start a food journal and note how your body responds to the food you're eating.

3) Make Space For Personal Care

There is nothing more important in a busy world than carving out space for yourself. This is a non-negotiable! By taking better care of yourself, you can take better care of others.

Whether you show yourself some love through meditation, detox baths, or journaling, make space for you every day. As you begin to make space for your personal care, your connection with your body - and your authentic self - grows stronger. Your body and true self are always providing insights into what you desire and how you can support your body to create that. 

Choose something to do this week, whether it's making a smoothie, trying out a healing tea, or perhaps read a new book that teaches you a bit more about the mind-body connection.

What are some of the ways your body speaks to you? Leave a comment below.

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