Product Review: Invoking Moon Energy with Lady Magic Lunar Mists

I'm obsessed with Lady Magic. Lady Magic is a set of lunar ritual misting sprays, curated by the lovely Mrs. Fagervik of Live with Moxy and Amber Haase of Element Botanicals.

If you've been looking for a plant-powered + soulful body mist to replace your current perfume, this would be a highly recommended option.

I've been reviewing different plant-powered products and I'm super excited to include Lady Magic to the collection. Read on for my feelings on Lady Magic, how I use them, and my overall takeaway.

The Products

Lady Magic Full Moon

With patchouli, lavender, rosemary and herbal allies of nettle + calendula, and gemstones of moonstone, aventurine, and quartz, Lady Magic Full Moon is my go-to every morning whether or not it's a full moon. I love the way the mist makes me feel: Confident, fresh, and balanced.

For anyone not too keen on lavender or patchouli, they're very nicely balanced together, giving a playful freshness that isn't overpowering. On top of that, people constantly tell me I smell good (and they sniff me for another good whiff). It's that good.

Lady Magic New Moon

Lady Magic New Moon Mist feels very feminine, soft, and intuitive. It's no wonder: the blend consists of citrus and vanilla (with an undertone of black pepper!). Herbal allies in this mist are chamomile and rose while the gemstones are amethyst, tiger's eye, and quartz. Mmm. 

I have to admit this isn't my go-to: Full Moon is usually where my body + soul is drawn to. But, there are moments where I need to slow down, turn inward, and be gentle with myself. This is the perfect timing for me to embrace the New Moon Mist and what it offers.

How I use the Lady Magic Mists

There are few different ways I work with Lady Magic.

1) Intuitive daily ritual

When I talked to Kate about how to best use the mists, she said to use in whatever way calls to you. You don't have to only use Full Moon around the full moon or New Moon on the new moon. Instead, using the mists in your daily ritual can be the best way to work with the energies. 

For me, I ask myself: What am I called to? What type of energy do I have today? How do I want to feel? Asking questions is a great way to get to know yourself better and make choices that align with your power whether you're choosing what to wear or what mist to use.

2) On my body + throughout my environment

I often give myself a spritz in the morning after I take a shower and before I get ready for the rest of my day. I like to spray the mists on my wrists and near my throat + chest area. I also spray my car if I'll be in it for a bit and need to lighten up the vibes in there.

3) In detox bath rituals

Whenever I take detox baths, I'll take a mist with me to conjure specific vibes or hone in on a specific energy. 

There really is no limit to how you can infuse these mists into your life. I love them for the pure fact that they can reach a deeper level than words: aromatherapy is special like that :) These Lady Magic mists are also meant to help you with aligning your moon cycle with the natural rhythms of the moon. I always recommend vibing with whatever calls to you. 


I love the prowess energy the Full Moon mists conjures throughout most of the month for me and appreciate the more feminine, intuitive side of the New Moon mist. The blending of essential oils, herbal allies, and gemstone elixirs gives these mists a special character and energy that does not go unnoticed.

The mists also aren't too overpowering that you can't use them as an every day perfume. Because they're mists made from a balanced blend of essential oils, the scent isn't as dense as a commercial perfume. Plus, they're herbal + plant-powered, making them safer for your lifestyle and body. Win.

What's even better about these mists is that they last a looong time. I've had these mists for over 5 months and I'm only about halfway through the Full Moon mist and not even a quarter through the New Moon mist. I'm looking forward to snagging the waning + waxing moon mists in the future to complete my set.

Wanna grab your own mist? 

I wholeheartedly love the Full Moon Mist, but we know that everyone has different scents they adore and those they don't. Check out the different blends below and choose one or buy them all! If you don't know which one to buy, ask yourself: how do I want to feel? What do I need to balance? Which essential oils, herbal allies, and gemstones am I called to? Closing your eyes and bringing them to mind is a great way to tap into your moxy, too.

Lady Magic Full Moon Mist
Lady Magic New Moon Mist
Lady Magic Waning Moon Mist 
Lady Magic Waxing Moon Mist


All product reviews are my own opinions. From experimenting with and creating countless plant-powered products over the last 7+ years, I'm always happy to try new ones + share my honest experiences with you. Have a plant-powered business + want me to review your product on the blog? Get in touch here.

Cultivating Our Wild Nature: An Interview with Katie Gordon, Founder of Wild Grace Apothecary

There is something magical + healing about the power of plants and how they help us in cultivating our wild nature. As part of my Plant-Powered + Small Business Interview Series, this third interview features Katie Gordon, founder of Wild Grace Apothecary based in the Pacific Northwest. 

What I love most about what Katie's interview provides is her clarity around how we can integrate plants into our lives. She talks about building relationships with plants (and not just 'using' them), connecting with our wild bodysoul, and how plant medicine can plug us back into the natural world.

Katie also shares with us:

  • Where + how her love of plants began
  • What our bodysoul is + one simple tip to connect with it daily
  • One easy suggestion for infusing plants into your everyday life
  • What a morning ritual looks like for her
  • The top 3 plants she likes to work with + why


Editor's Note: This interview is part of the Plant-Powered + Small Business Interview Series. If you're new to Die Vibrant, welcome! Whether you want to infuse more plants into your daily life, transform your beauty routine from conventional to all natural, or want to eat more plants, you're bound to find something here for you. Don't forget to download the free guide to Plant-Powered + Holistic LivingIf you own a small, plant-powered business, and want to add your voice to the interview series, shoot us an email


How has your journey led you to create Wild Grace? Where are you located in the world? 

When I was a kid, I fantasized about having a space filled with plants and shelves full of beautifully colored glass where I could make potions. Wild Grace Apothecary is the manifestation of that vision and the lovechild of my deep reverence for plant matter together with my experiments in making my own organic skin care.

The process of creating products felt magical, even alchemical, since the very first time I made my own body butter in my mom’s kitchen (and subsequently ruined her cheese grater when grating my own beeswax).

My friends and family began asking me to make them various skin care and body care products, and I began the long and arduous process of creating labeling for them, which most people will tell you is the absolute worst part of making your own products as a small business. As for my location, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! 

What is a wild bodysoul to you? How do you help clients reclaim this aspect of themselves? 

The bodysoul is the connection and interplay between our physical body, psyche, and soul. We tend to lose our connection to our wild nature because we’ve been made to believe that parts of ourselves are unacceptable and undesirable, either through experiences we’ve had or simply in the society in which we live.

But wildness is innate in us. It’s instinctual. And when we begin to heal, reconnect, acknowledge, and wholly accept those parts of ourselves, we can reintegrate them into our being and fully embody our wholeness and our uniquely wild nature.

I help my clients reclaim lost or rejected aspects of themselves through being deeply seen, witnessing their process, and guiding their journey into deeper layers of soul. 

What’s a simple tip that can help us cultivate our wild bodysoul in our everyday lives?

Free writing. Morning pages style. Free write 3 pages each morning and notice the voices that come through.

So often we don’t understand the emotions we’re experiencing because they may stem from memories that our bodies remember, but our minds don’t.

Free writing is a way of shutting down that rational part of our brain that tends to get in the way or talk us out of particular, and potentially painful, feelings so that they can be witnessed and brought into the light.

You’ve been called to the learn everything about the healing abilities of the body. What has surprised you most about the human body and how plants fit into healing one’s self in your experience? 

The plants always surprise me. One herb might work beautifully with one person, and do absolutely nothing for another. I’m constantly amazed by the interaction between plants and the human body. The way one organism resonates with another.

How do you use plant medicine in your work with clients?

As you can imagine, I use plants in a variety of ways from skincare, bath + body products to incense and ritual tools, teas, tinctures, and elixirs. But I try not to think of “using” plants and instead encourage the idea of building relationships with plants. It’s not “this plant is good for such and such,” and it’s not even “what can this plant teach me about living in this world?”.

Sean Donahue, an herbalist from the PNW, said in a keynote talk that “Devil’s Club exists to be Devil’s Club.” As in, it doesn’t exist for our benefit. It exists because it’s living out its own sacred/natural contract. And at the same time, we get to build relationships with these plants and see how much they give to us and share with us. 

*Stepping off my soapbox now*

One of my favorite ways to incorporate plant medicine and my work with clients is to share a cup of tea before our session together. Just the process of making tea itself is grounding, calming, and nourishing. A blend of different herbs brings together so many various personalities and energetics, and being able to come together, plants + humans, in a sacred space like that is magic. It allows us to plug back into that wild nature that’s mirrored to us by the natural world.  

Besides healing touch, you also teach yoga, offer mentorships, 1-1 sessions, natural products, and wild medicine bundles. What calls you to offer such an array of products?

I have so many aspects to my personality! Sometimes I like spending a whole day making potions in my kitchen, sometimes I want to talk to people about the way their physical body holds onto trauma, sometimes I want to connect with a single person and make them feel deeply seen and held in safe, sacred space. I can’t choose one thing because they all nourish parts of me and they all feel important to share. Selfish? Maybe. 

For those just getting started with plant-powered living, can you share what is it about plants that offer healing and medicine? What’s a simple way to introduce plant medicine into our lives everyday?

In my mind, and to put it quite simply, plants reconnect us to our own healing potential.

A very simple way to introduce plant medicine into your life is through herbal teas. You can find dried herbs in a variety of places, or you can of course grow your own, but my favorite source is Mountain Rose Herbs because they have the highest quality products.

To me, tea is healing not only in the plants themselves, but because the process of making tea allows us to slow down, be present, and experience whatever it is that we’re experiencing. 

What are some specific courses, books, or teachers that you learned from and / or highly recommend? 

What I’ve learned from Hugh Milne and his Visionary Craniosacral Work is the underlying current for ALL of my work, whether it’s plant medicine, yoga, mentoring, or one-on-one healing work with my clients.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run with the Wolves, and both Caroline Myss and Marion Woodman’s writing have been highly influential in my life and my work as well. Oh, and Angeles Arrien, as well as Arnold Mindell, and Peter Levine in their work on the bodysoul and healing trauma. And Michael Moore and Matthew Wood have written great books on herbal medicine.

I know, that’s a lot. It’s so hard to narrow it down! 

What are your top 3 plant medicines to work with? What qualities of the plant calls you to them?

Rose, Hawthorn, and Douglas Fir.

Rose is cooling while also nourishing to the heart and spirit. Hawthorn, traditionally viewed as a heart tonic, helps in times of heartbreak or when you’re feeling heart-centered stress. It reminds me to be patient with myself, slow down, and give my heart space to breathe, be still, and speak.  It helps me with boundaries and when my energetic heart needs a rest. And Doug Fir for stability and rootedness while stimulating movement when I’m feeling stagnant or wilty. 

What does a morning ritual look like for you?

Tea, always tea. Burning something (White Sage, Palo Santo, or Cedar). Meditation. Pulling tarot cards. Writing. And shower. People don’t realize how healing water is. I’ve healed a lot in my sacred bath time.

Die Vibrant is for wild spirits, natural healers, and truth seekers wanting to infuse more plants into their lives from beauty to diet. We’d love to know: how do plants inspire your life and how do you use them on an everyday basis?

Plants inspire me, in part, because they teach be to be present. They teach me patience, how to fully embody my unique soul, and the necessity of surrendering to the ebb and flow. I consume them every day through tea, herbal infusions, food, and more importantly, through sharing space with them, observing them, and trying to learn more about them. 

What do you think it is about plants that connect us with ourselves more deeply? Do you have any experiences with plants, present or past, that inspire you to this day? 

Plants, nature in general, mirror our own wild nature. They reflect to us our shadows, those parts of ourselves that we so often reject and disown. They show us what we’re afraid to witness and claim within ourselves. Lobelia is one such plant for me.

At the recommendation of a friend, I took three drops (Yes, just three drops. This is a powerful and potent plant.) and immediately felt my chest open and the edges of my subtle body soften. When I spoke, my voice had dropped dramatically. And it startled me. I wasn’t used to taking up that much space with my voice and hearing it that deeply. It was as if I had heard my real voice for the first time since I could remember, a reminder that in my day to day life I wasn’t fully taking up my space or allowing myself to be heard.

It was quite a wake up call, but it inspires me because now I KNOW what it feels and sounds like to more fully embody myself. 

If you could be any plant, what would you be? What qualities of the plant inspire you to embody it?

If I had to choose just one, I’d say Wild Rose. Cooling, calming, nourishing.  Good circulatory, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and nervous system medicine. I use it in SO MANY formulas from skincare to teas and elixirs. It can be infused into vinegar and used topically for sunburns. It works beautifully in times when I feel overwhelmed with grief or stress. It reconnects me to my spirit and softly opens my heart. 

What simple things bring you joy + happiness?

Hot baths, blending tea (especially with a particular client in mind), and rain.

What are some words you live by?

Gracefully not giving a fuck. 
The Sacred is always simple.
It is only with the heart that one sees rightly.

Where can we find out more about you online or in person? or find me on Facebook or Instagram (wild_grace)! 

7 Easy Ways To Incorporate Rose Medicine In Your Life

Are you feeling the call to the calming, feminine energy of le rose? We've been obsessed with rose medicine lately ourselves because of the heart opening and beautiful energy they bring to our lives.

There are sooo many benefits to having rose medicine around. Not only do roses help you open your heart, release grief and guilt, they can also be effective at regulating your menstrual cycle and improving fertility. On top of that, rose also helps tone your blood and kidneys, while being a sexy time aphrodisiac on top of it. Meeeow! 

If you've been noticing roses more or feel called to their medicine in any way, read on for easy ways to incorporate their medicine into your life.

Here are our 7 easy ways to invite rose medicine into your life

1) Make a rose-infused honey for balancing hormones.

Rose is can be an effective remedy for your irregular menstrual cycle. Master herbalist + wild woman Susan Weed says: 

"The growing tips of the rose canes are rich in hormone-like substances that help women with menstrual difficulties get into an easy flow, those with libido problems to feel frisky, and those who want to conceive to be more receptive." 

Susan shares her Rose Hormone RemedyFill a jar with naturally grown rose buds and leaves just before they open, then cover with honey to preserve. Take several teaspoons a day to balance your cycle.

2) Fill your space with fresh blooms.

Is there nothing more inspiring than a bouquet of fresh flowers? We probably spend waaay too much money on blooms, but oh how they inspire! 

"I must have flowers always and always." - Claude Monet

Because the cost of roses can be a bit pricey, find a bouquet that incorporates roses and other flowers that inspire you. Try separating your bouquet into a couple smaller groups, so you can spread your flowers more widely around your space. Once your flowers hint at dying, tie them together at the ends and hang. Dried flowers can be just as beautiful as fresh ones.

3) Use rose water in your DIY body care routine.

Rose water can be used to tone + rejuvenate your skin while inspiring your spirit, too. You can even make a toner using 1/2 rose water + 1/2 witch hazel, applying to your skin after you cleanse for a refreshed + clean glow. 

4) Make a calming + cooling rose tea.

Rose is naturally calming + cooling and makes a delicious tea to invigorate your senses. Is there anything better than creating the perfect tea blend just for what you need that day? You can either blend your own using rose, lavender, and vanilla or buy a pre-blended tea like Love Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs. Mmm...

5) Sprinkle rose petals in your bath.

There is something so luxurious about soaking your body while rose petals surround you. For a self-care evening, add a handful of rose petals, 1 cup of epsom salt, and 1/2 cup of green clay for extra detox properties. Don't have rose petals? Add rose water to your bath (or simply spritz it on yourself while you're in the bath) instead to connect with your heart chakra + turn up your sexy vibes.

6) Create a rose petal + green clay mask.

While you soak in your bath, why not deep cleanse your face? Grind up a few dried rose petals and add your favorite green clay. Add water to activate and spread over your face. Once it's dry, rinse off and pat dry.

7) Drink rosehip tea.

One cup of rose hips contains the same amount of Vitamin C as 144 oranges. To give your immune system a boost, make a rosehip herbal tea. Rosehips also include vitamin A which helps keep your skin nourished and supple.

The ideas for honing rose medicine into your life are endless... What flower medicine is calling to you lately?

The Perfect Plant-Powered Love Gift Guide

This time of year is all about love. But, if you're anything like us at Die Vibrant, you like nothing less than trying new body care products and illuminating your wild self with the power of plants any time of the year.

It's no secret to us that plants have an inherent magic quality about them: Not only do they provide medicine + inspiration, but they also contribute to a deeper meaning in our lives + inspire a deeper connection with our true selves. 

And, although Valentine's Day is just around the corner, wild one, there's never a time to not infuse self-love into your lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite plant-powered products to help you fill up your life - or a lady friend's - with a bit more love, fulfillment + satisfaction.

Face Fuel.

Using different lotion for your body + for your face is necessary: Your face needs more deep moisturizing with less chemicals. Have you ever tried to use a regular body lotion on your face? Ew. It just doesn't work. 

Instead, swap out your regular face lotion for this nourishing, age-defying blend of avo butter, shea butter, coco oil, evening primrose oil, and lotus leaf extract. This moisturizer is an act of pure self-love. Show yourself some love and stock up on this plant-powered moisturizer and see fine lines soften and your skin clear up.

Face Fuel from Lavender Lotus

Read our review of The Lavender Lotus' products, including Face Fuel. 

Seaweed & Rose Herbal Face Mask.

If you haven't tried an herbal face mask yet, you're in for a treat! We love doing a face mask weekly to draw out toxins in the skin and create an environment for the face to truly glow. 

This Seaweed & Rose Herbal Face Mask from Lala Earth is the perfect combination of bentonite clay, french green clay, activated charcoal, seaweed, and ground rose petals for cleansing and purifying your beautiful mug. 

Use weekly or biweekly for a deep penetrating cleanse + detox for your beautiful face.

Seaweed & Rose Herbal Face Mask from Lala Earth

Lady Magic Full Moon Mist.

With a light scent of patchouli, lavender + rosemary and other herbal + gem allies, this thing is seriously magical. The lavender is calming and balances nicely with the patchouli + rosemary, both of which can sometimes be overpowering.

Although we looove the prowess energy the Full Moon mist conjures, you can use the full Lady Magic Mist set for every phase of the moon. These Lady Magic mists are also meant to help you with aligning your moon cycle with the natural rhythms of the moon. We always recommend vibing with whatever calls to you.

To use, mist on your body, in your hair, and in your environment and you're bound to conjure the energy of the full moon in your life. 

Lady Magic Full Moon Mist
Lady Magic New Moon Mist
Lady Magic Waning Moon Mist 
Lady Magic Waxing Moon Mist

Infinite Love Elixir.

Who doesn't need a little flower power in their lives? The Infinite Love Elixir is a flower essence that helps you with loving yourself - and others - unconditionally. Flower essences work very gently to integrate your mind, body, and spirit, bringing the spirit of the flower into your own life.

Infinite Love Elixir from Lotus Wei.

Organic Love Tea.

There's nothing more grounding + nourishing than enjoying a cup of tea. Choosing your herbs + flowers for your tea is a special moment, connecting you with the intricacies + energy of the natural world. Different herbs + flowers call for different energies and healing.

When you're in tune with what your body needs, you can give it exactly that and teas are a simple way to do this. Is there anything better than carving out a space for yourself in the midst of a busy day, grounding you in nourishing + calming energy of the tea in front of you?

Whether you're enjoying it alone or sharing it with a friend or lover, this lovely rose tea is illuminating, calming, and cooling.

Organic Love Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs

DIY Love Massage Oil.

We love DIYing plant-powered body care and Mountain Rose Herbs makes it super easy to learn the power of plants, while keeping your personal care items organic, safe + natural. Massage oils can help with working out any kinks + pain while also being used for sexy time.

Regardless, touch is extremely healing and using massage oils can increase your satisfaction + contentment whether you're alone or with someone else.

For a simple DIY Love Massage Oil, we recommend a base of 8 oz avocado oil or jojoba oil and a combo of Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Vetiver essential oils.

For a step-by-step guide, read Mountain Rose Herbs guide to easy massage oils.

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.

Is there nothing more loving than being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones with the power of mother nature? This is a perfect book for you if you're beginning your journey to plant-powered living.

This book provides you with the tools needed to start infusing your life with more plant medicine. What is a better way to show yourself self-love than by choosing vibrant health + empowering yourself?

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: Mountain Rose Herbs

Although Valentine's Day is fast approaching, remember that self-love is every single day of the year. Honor your plant-powered journey with a face mask, massage oil, or a book to teach you everything there is to know about herbal + plant medicine.

Which one of these products looks loveliest to you? Leave a comment below.

Product Review: Luxury Plant-Powered Body Care From The Lavender Lotus

High quality, powerful, clean plant-powered products are exactly how I would describe The Lavender Lotus' body care line. Powerful, intuitive, and creative: they easily invoke our wild, natural selves to shine. In my interview with the beautiful Jenn, it's clear that creating products with integrity + intuition is important to her.

I was excited that Jenn ended up sending me a box full of her products to try before I headed off to SE Asia + Australia for 5 weeks. To say I was impressed by her products is an understatement. No. Instead, I was excited to infuse some self-care + luxury plant-powered body care into my life.

With prepping for my 5-week trip to SE Asia + Australia, I found myself a bit ungrounded. I hadn't traveled internationally in a minute and I really needed some self-love. Fortunately, this is exactly what Jenn sent: a rose face soap, Face Fuel, lavender room spray, lip balm, luxury bath salts + dried petals. I used all these products to create a lovely self-care evening for myself.

Let's dig into my impressions of the Lavender Lotus products and how I used them. 

The Products

First, let me state that I was impressed by the superior quality of Jenn's products. I think most of us know how to make our own DIY plant-powered products in our home, but Jenn's products took it to a whole new level. Here's a little bit about the products themselves.

Rose Facial Soap

I absolutely loved the rose facial soap. I have an obsession with rose right now: I think it's exactly the medicine I need in my life to infuse more love, rooting, and blooming where it's needed. The rose bud in the middle of the soap is a delightful touch. 

The rose facial soap smells divine and lathers up if you want to create a face mask. It bubbles up just enough to get what you need for a mask or you can simply use it as a regular exfoliator. I put a layer of the soap on my face and neck. Because it's made with French clay, it's also perfect for detoxing your skin and removing any impurities. Yay! The one thing I would recommend is starting with just a little bit if you decide to do a mask as French clay can be a little irritating to your skin if left too long. Once you're done exfoliating and cleansing, expect a hydrated, clean complexion :)

Lotus Soak

Filled with rose petals, chamomile, marigold, epsom salt and other petals + plants, this is really an awe-worthy bath soak. I loved seeing the petals float around in the tub: something about it feels so magical and luxurious! 

Lavender Linen Spray

The lavender linen spray is perfect for perking up your room + sheets. There is something so powerful about your personal space smelling so delicious. Plus, according to Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, lavender is a well known anti-bacterial + anti-fungal while providing a well-known anti-depressant. Definitely a win. 

Face Fuel 

This face cream is perfect. I used to be someone who'd just use coconut oil for moisturizer, but after using Face Fuel I don't know why I would go back to coconut oil (I love you coco oil, please don't judge!). It's just that there's something about a face cream that not only seeps into your skin, moisturizing every bit of it, yet it doesn't leave that gross greasy feeling or stain anything you own.

I ended up bringing Face Fuel with me in SE Asia + Australia and used it every single day. I've been using the Face Fuel for over two months and I still have over half the jar left. I could see how this could easily last longer if you decided to not use it every single day or only apply it in certain areas of your face. I'm a fan and highly recommend Face Fuel. 


I've tried lots of hand-produced plant products, including my own, but there was something about Jenn's products that emanated power, clarity, beauty, and professionalism. Although I don't discredit those of us who make our own DIY products (they are much better than buying chemical-laden products from the store!), there was just such love put into Jenn's products. From the quality to the packaging + labels, you really could feel it which adds to the positive experience. 

If you are looking to transform your self-care or body care routine but don't want to make your own products, The Lavender Lotus products are a wonderful place to start. And, even if you do enjoy making your own body care products like I do, there's always room for luxurious self-love in the form of plant powered products. Overall, I seriously wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from Jenn in the future: her stuff is just that good.

Begin your self-love journey with plants + visit the Lavender Lotus online store.


All product reviews are my own opinions. From experimenting countless plant-powered products over the last 7+ years, I'm always happy to try new ones + share my honest experiences with you, wild one. Have a plant-powered business + want me to review your product on the blog? Get in touch here.