Hello, wild one! I'm Kristen and welcome to Die Vibrant, your source for infusing more plant power into your life. 

I founded Die Vibrant because I wanted to learn more about the power + healing aspects of plants, floral essences, natural remedies + products, and plant powered beauty. I wanted to connect more deeply with myself + the natural world. 


I also desired to create a community of wild spirits, natural healers, and truth seekers, as a hub to learn about infusing more plant power into their lives, too.


My latest curiosity leads me to talking to the humans running plant-powered businesses to learn more about their passions, challenges, and why they were called to plant power. Stay tuned for more interview style posts on the blog


Whether you eat plant-based or not, you are welcome here. This is not a vegan lifestyle guide, but instead a holistic, open, and positive guide for bringing more natural + plant-powered products into your life.

Better for you + better for the plant. Plus, nature is magic. 

Yes, many products I review + use + recommend are in fact vegan because of the nature of how they're made: with plants! But, I teach all wild women how to infuse their lives with more plant magic, no matter how they choose to live their lives.

What you'll find on the blog

Throughout the blog, you will discover tools to help you live a more simple, intentional life. I am always researching ways to uncover the magic of plants: natural remedies, herbs, natural body + makeup products. I seriously love it.

My diet can be a considered plant-based, whole foods diet; however, I do not define what I eat into labels as I believe we are all unique in how we live + show up in the world. With that said, I do share plant-powered recipes for those who desire a more plant based, whole food diet.

Thank you so much for being here! If you want to learn more about my journey into holistic + plant-powered living, continue on... 

My story: let's go back a few years...

During my sophomore year of college, I faced a domino effect of sorts: I ended up treating a UTI with antibiotics, which lead into additional health degradation from killing the good bacteria in my gut. When I realized how easily I could have treated the UTI naturally, while avoiding pharmaceuticals, frustrating infections, and lowered immunity, I knew it was time for carving my path through holistic nutrition and lifestyle. I like to keep things simple and eating whole plants made life easy. 

At this point in my life, I felt intuitively like pursuing an alternative path was the right thing to do for myself if I wanted to find the answers to the health issues that plagued me. I wanted to talk with a doctor who saw me as a WHOLE human being and not simply a symptom to treat. Around the same time as the UTI, I also discovered through routine blood testing that my cholesterol was high. Not only that, but I was 20 lbs overweight from the poor diet I consumed while living in the dorms. Plus hard alcohol, boxed wine, and beer... you know the drill.

As I shifted into my junior year, something shifted within me too: I started seeing my naturopathic doctor, starting eating mostly a plant-based diet (although, I did transition to eating some fish as a way to transition from chicken to solely plants). Additionally, I dropped 15 lbs over the course of 6 weeks from refraining from alcohol, meat, and fast food and working out consistently throughout the week: I'd sprint, practice pilates and engage in weight training while consuming mostly plant-based foods. At the same time, I moved into my own apartment at school and was able to prep & cook my own food: how liberating!

What I've learned from living a plant-powered lifestyle

In the last 6+ years since opting for a plant-powered lifestyle, I've learned how to trust my intuition, live my truth, and create my own wellness. True freedom is grounded in your authenticity + health.

When I realized how much better I felt, I knew that living plant-based was right for me: I've kept the weight off, practice yoga when it feels right, do HIIT, and hike around the PNW. Now, I'm focused on sharing how fun, liberating, and vibrant a plant-powered lifestyle can be.

Now, my diet is almost entirely plant-powered, with the exception of cheese here and there. My cholesterol levels are normal. My blood levels are healthy. Eating mostly plants doesn't need to be hard. And, most of all, I've been able to liberate myself from thinking that only my doctor knows what's right for me. I know I can trust myself, too.

My Path Into Naturopathy + Alternative Medicine

I decided to see a naturopathic practice, which set me up on a host of supplements to balance & synergize my body in a way that worked for me. I alleviated some of my allergies through NAET/JMT Allergy Elimination, which was a huge feat for me: as a child, I suffered from seasonal allergies, frequent 'croupy' coughs, and bronchitis stemming from the weakening of my immune system.

NAET helped me take control of my body in a way I was previously not able to through taking conventional allergy medication. In fact, after prolonged use (as directed by my doctor), Claritin no longer worked for my body and Allegra caused heart palpitations without diminishing the allergy symptoms.

Now, I know it's possible to ease allergy symptoms with ACV, eliminate through NAET, and manage through liver detox. There's always a way and usually it's nature leading it!

Leaning On Holistic Health + Preventative Wellness

I'm able to tap into my body and give it what it needs. My intuition is more attuned and I'm able to save time and money from preventing dis-ease before it starts by adopting an intentional lifestyle.

When I start to feel sick, my first stop is the kitchen. Utilizing preventative care and natural remedies, I haven't had to take antibiotics since 2008. My personal library is stocked with a handful of books that cover everything from ACV, organic body care recipes, gardening, essential oils, natural remedies, herbs, and how to be your own "doctor". These books are consulted regularly not only for myself, but for my partner, his daughter, and friends + family for minor ailments as well as chronic conditions.

The best part? They work.

Doing What I Want: Creative & Intentional Practices That Feel Good

Today, I feel more grounded than I ever did before.

I'm tapped into nature. 

I look to plants for wisdom + guidance, whether adding herbs or more veggies to my daily rituals.

My energetic body feels lighter as I carry less emotional baggage.

I practice yoga when it feels right.

I embrace intentional practices, including deep breathing, grounding meditations and mindfulness counseling.

I pursue never-ending education + research around creativity, spirituality, and natural + plant-powered products & wellness.

I do what I want with my life energy when it comes to my career and lifestyle.

It feels damn good. Hell yes!

A lot of this awareness came from choosing to infuse more plants into my life, whether through my diet or through magical essential oils, herbs, and natural beauty products. 

My biggest health liberator influences 

My biggest influence for living a healthy and intentional lifestyle is my Aunt Karen. She has been a great example of someone consistently living her truth, doing what she desires, creating art, and living a natural lifestyle. Living almost entirely off the grid, Karen grows much of her own food, creates her own medicinal tinctures + salves, and paints the most beautiful botanical watercolors of the natural world. Her perspective of the world shines a light on a path not too far trodded and I'm grateful she's led the way for me. 

Besides my own health experiences, I've seen family members die weak from chronic lung conditions, carrying too much extra weight, osteoporosis, emphysema, and high blood pressure. I've seen other family members and close friend's family members die from cancer. I've seen other family members live in a weakened state from kidney failure, heart issues, and smoking.

Seeing this happen, I've been able to string a thread through them all: each individual either relied on pharmaceuticals to cure their symptoms, turned away from unresolved negative emotions, or chose to not alter their lifestyle for wellness.

This propelled me into pursuing a vibrant lifestyle through what I consume, how I see the world, and how I craft my own path to wellness, because I do not believe it's our destiny to die without vibrancy and integrity.

We create our lives - and the most fundamental way we can make something great is by starting with our health.

What You'll Find On Die Vibrant

Regardless if you eat meat + hope to integrate a more mindful consumption practice, or already subscribe to a plant-powered lifestyle + diet, there's something here for you. 

You'll learn about:

  • plant-powered DIY recipes from food to beauty
  • natural remedies for vibrant health
  • natural product reviews
  • plant-powered business interviews
  • plant-powered resources for your journey
  • daily mindfulness practices for your spirit

When you infuse your life with more natural products, you connect more deeply with yourself. You tap into the magic of nature, which you are made from. Infusing more plants into your life means more connection with nature + a community of likeminded people, too. 

To jumpstart your plant-powered journey, start with these posts: